Welcome to Fhobs E-learning, This is Microsoft Office 2016 Modules One


Below are the basic Items you will see on the GUI of Microsoft Office Word 2016

Title Bar

This is the first bar from the top that display the recent file name (e.g. document 1) and the name of the program. The title bar displays about four unique buttons on the right hand side, these buttons are;

  1. Minimize Button: This is use to reduce the Microsoft word windows into the task bar.
  2. Restore Button: This is use to reduce the Microsoft Word windows into a smaller size.
  3. Maximize Button: Immediately you click on the restore button it will change to the maximize button. The maximize button is use to expand the windows to the full size.
  4. Close Button: This is use to close/quit the program Microsoft Word.

Menu/Tab Bar

This bar contains the lists of bars which housed icons representing commands, e.g. File, Home, Insert, Page Layout etc.

The Ribbon User Interface

The ribbon is a wide bar located below the menu bar; whenever you click on any menu the ribbon will display the commands under that menu. The ribbon is usually divided into different sections and these sections housed the commands found in each menu.


We have vertical and horizontal rulers. The vertical ruler is use for adjusting the top and bottom margins and the horizontal ruler is used for adjusting the right and left margins.

Scroll Bars

There are vertical and horizontal scroll bars, the vertical scroll bar is use to move the page up and down while the horizontal scroll bar is use to scroll to the left and right hand side of the page.

Edit Screen/Page

This is the white space which is meant for typing and other work in Microsoft Word. The edit screen represents the pages where all works are been done. The edit screen usually display an ‘I’ shaped sign called cursor that is always blinking.

Status Bar

The status bar displays information about the cursor, number of pages in a document on the left hand side and the zoom, zoom slide on the right hand side.

see the diagram below




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